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Poor Dad

He's taking some sort of radio host type class, and, as you might expect, he needed to find a microphone and some type of speech recording software to go with it. I tried to explain to him that as long as he had both of those things, he (sh/w)ouldn't have problems, but not wanting to take chances, went to Staples and got what looks like a pair of headphones, but that apparently act as a microphone too. While he was gone though, I went upstairs and dug out the old microphone I bought a while back, came down here, tried two searches on Sourceforge, and found a free program that did exactly what he wanted. Of course, said program wouldn't work on his computer, but the default sound recorder that comes with Windows did, so he's happy with that for now.

And interestingly enough, now that I know that microphone works, I really want to do a voice post, but at the same time I'm utterly disgusted at the sound of my own voice :x It just sounds so strange hearing it as other people do.

Otherwise, just getting back from going to McDonalds for breakfast again, where I think I actually found something that might become a usual order, being one of those bacon egg and cheese McGriddles, in a combo, then one on the side, along with a fruit and yogourt parfait. Yum <3 I know I said I found the eggs nasty and disgusting, but the ones that are folded over perfectly (instead of the circular shape) are manageable.

Rain as well. Now all we need is for it to cool down a bit outside. Finally got the fan that used to be down here back from Naomi, and it's on right now, but it's still so hot and sticky in here. Ugh. Was hoping to go to EB Games this morning to get Planet Puzzle League, but Dad leaves for some thing involving his radio class in London at 10, and won't be back 'till later in the afternoon (ironically, in time to go to work), so although I'll still be able to go then, there's not much point in staying up right now :s

And as for work tonight, for closing with Ange, and having the other closer (Josh C.) call in sick, it was decent. Everything was pretty much done when I walked in, and I managed to keep the dishes caught up after that, but we still didn't get out of there 'till 2:30, which is decent enough, I suppose. Several things were said about what Steve pulled on Saturday (walking out), mostly about how it was rather pathetic and such, and yeah. I don't want to see him get fired (not only because he's a hard worker when he wants to be, but also because that'd mean more shifts for the rest of us), but at the same time, I wish they'd impose some sort of disciplinary action on him, so he'll stop, but that's their problem.

Day off today, then two more days on, followed by another two off, then one back on, Monday off (what say, squnq? ;_;), and I'm not sure after that. All 8 - closes, of course, but I've more or less gotten used to those by now.

Seeing as it's 9:00 though, I'm off to bed, although not necessarily to sleep. At least not for another half hour or so.

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