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I Love Being Taken Advantage Of

The closers tonight consist of Michele, Josh C., and me. Assuming, of course, Josh C. doesn't call in sick again, but he was scheduled to work last night, and they never tried to call me in (not that they would've called me at first, but who knows?), so I can only assume that he did show up, and thus should be there tonight too.

Michelle's obviously scheduled 'till 3, being the closing manager and all. Josh is also there 'till 3, but me? Well, assuming I were to follow the schedule exactly, I'd leave at 2, and they'd probably be screwed over. See, I know Josh knows how to take down cold line (to a degree), but I don't think anyone's shown him hot yet, and I'm not sure about Michelle either. Yes, she is the shift manager, so she should know what has to be done and how to do it, but you'd be surprised. So I'm obviously going to be staying to close, and that's what irritates me.

Instead of just scheduling me to actually be closing, or so much as saying "I know you're supposed to leave at 2, but could you stay to close to help us out?", they just go ahead and do it anyways, presumably to give the appearance that that extra hour's getting saved, at least until the shift in question rolls around.

Anyways though...

Yesterday went almost as planned, for going to EB Games and such, except that instead of just going to EB Games and Value Village, we went to EB, Real Canadian Superstore, Value Village, Arbys, Giant Tiger, and then back home. Never having been in Giant Tiger before, I was really surprised though. I expected something along the lines of Walmart or such, except on a much smaller scale, but to see something that looked exactly like any other dollar store was quite a surprise. There was one thing I noticed that I've been looking for for quite a while now, that I originally could get at Sobeys, but can't find since they renovated, and thus was limited to either Real Canadian Superstore or possibly Walmart. That, and the (giant) tiger was cool as well <3 Yes indeed.

But as for going to EB Games, did get Planet Puzzle League, as well as Wario: Master of Disguise (which has so far been a letdown - I was expecting something like Warioland 2 or 3), so I'm going to play either of those for a bit~

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