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Almost There

At the point where I can consistently get through 59% of Jordan. As long as I can get to 61 or so, I'll be fine, but that's the problem there.

But main thing right now: giant2.jpg.

Couldn't come up with any reason for being so reluctant to look at it, so I finally did, and there's one huge problem: maybe it's just me, but it's extremely unsettling looking at a picture, and seeing someone in it staring right back at you :x The tail's fine. Hell, the tail's great (the word "fluffy" comes to mind <3), but being stared back at is just weird.

There is one (actual) small problem, that being that I don't see belt loops on either end. And yes I know, it's probably quite heavy, and would be extremely awkward to wear around, even while nobody else is home, but I'll be damned if I don't want to at least try it ;_; I'd ask her that, but I can't figure out a way to fit both the question and explanation into a couple lines.

Then again, I'm sure if she wasn't sure about putting them on or not, that she'd ask, and she never did, so they should be on there, but there's no guarantee.

Feh. I worry too much...

So it's getting shipped sometime today, and if all goes well (*coughobliviousallycough*), it (or they, really) will be getting here sometime during the week of August 19th. Yay :3

Half an hour left now. Told Dad I wanted to go to McDonalds around 7:30 or so, and he didn't have a problem with that, so good. Thinking about also going up to the bank later on today and just transferring that money now, because at the rate I've been spending money lately, it'd just be a better idea to get that done and over with, instead of waiting 'till I have $5,000 saved up.

But anyways, it's about time I continued my game on Tetris Attack Planet Puzzle League. It's endless, but still pretty easy so far.

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