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Transfer Complete

Last minute, yes, but just went up to the bank, and in a matter of a couple seconds, transferred that thousand dollars. And amusingly enough, I still have about 3800 left in my checking account. I was certain it'd be less than that, but I'm not going to complain :p

And wow. What a way to test a printer / scanner. Dad couldn't figure out how to get his to work (surprise surprise), so I downloaded the drivers for it (a 166MB file, at that :s), and spent the last 10 minutes or so getting it to work. And as a final test, he (Dad) had me scan a packet of McDonalds salt, then print it out. Yes indeed. Amazing stuff.

But anyways, withdrew $20 while I was at the bank as well, so I'll probably go to 7-11 in a bit, then come back here, and do whatever :p Got quite a bit farther in Picross DS in the past couple days. Up to the 11th puzzle in Normal mode, with all puzzles before that completed in under an hour. Some of them (such as the cheetah one) were close calls, but as best as I can tell, then game doesn't care about that.

Actually, might as well just play more of that for now. Rather screwed myself over on Planet Puzzle League (didn't realize I was holding the R button), so that can wait for now :p

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