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Another Problem Solved

Before going to bed this morning, told Dad that I was expecting something in the mail sometime during the week after next, and that if I were asleep when it came, he should wake me up. Of course, he would've asked if it was a package I was expecting, and his next question was "Well is it a big or little one?". Umm... yeah. Wanting to keep the questions at a minimum at that point I just told him "I don't know", but according to SPark, it's going to be an 18" cube.

So I figure that one of the tails I have right now is three feet (well, all three are, really), three feet in inches is 36 inches, and 36 inches divided in half is 18, and yeah. So I can sort of picture how it will / might look, but I doubt it's going to help too much.

And as for the money, still have no idea of how much I'm going to need, so as before, any and all change continues to get locked away in my room. For example, I went to 7-11 last night and got back home with $10.45 in change. The 20 cents in nickels went into my little container of change I don't care about until there's enough to put in a coin roll, and the other $10.25 is currently sitting on my top bunk waiting to be locked away. I'll put me $150.75, I think, which is very very good. Still plan on going to the bank at the end of next week or so to bring it up to $200, which is a bit much, but I really want to be safe :s And as for the money that's left over after the tail(s) arrive, who knows?

There is one more thing now I want to save my money towards (I still plan on commissioning footpaws during September or October, of course <3), but there's something only slightly linkable to furry stuff after that (something that can be found on staples.ca). It's quite expensive (four digits), but I do plan on trying to save up $5,000 or so before even thinking about it.

But enough with the money related stuff. Almost supper time right now (we're having ham...), then probably another typical night after that. Obviously can't stay up really early this morning, what with having to work tomorrow, but meh. Can't complain.

Oh, and one more random image thing. Something about this seems off. Might be how on the left side of the picture, the background is dark, but the guy's face is clearly lighter than the right side or something, but it's weird. Pretty sure that came from one of the articles in the "Latest Headlines" feed that's included in your bookmarks when you install Firefox, but I can't find it now, but it has been a couple days since. Yes. The picture doesn't look right. That's all I want to say :p

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