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Thank you Mom

For the past week or so we've had an appointment to get our hair cut this coming Monday, at 10 in the morning. I wasn't too pleased about that, given that I have to close tonight, and probably wouldn't be getting to sleep 'till 6 or 7, but then I realized that I survived a whole week of doing the same thing for feeding Josh's dogs, so I'd probably just end up going back to sleep when I got home.

Then I came down here about 5:30, and was promptly informed by Mom that our appointment was switched to Tuesday, at 11. Then Dad says something to Mom about how they already had an appointment to sign some papers or something at 10. So I have no clue when we're going now, but whatever. Probably Tuesday still, because Susan has some vacation bible school (*shudder*) thing going on all week, and Tuesday is the only day she has free. Feh. Hope I don't have to work Tuesday night either, but I think I do. We'll find out in a couple hours, either way though :p

Had an absolutely terrible sleep, mostly because of one single dream, that I won't go into details of, because it was rather creepy and unsettling, and left me feeling that way until about 10 minutes after I woke up

Oh, and random thing again. You'll notice in the picture of the giant tail I posted a couple entries ago that there's a cat on the stairs. Maybe you did already, but I certainly didn't. Not until about 9:00 last night :s Sent SPark an email saying that I took a look at the picture, and that I really couldn't wait for it to get here now, and also mentioned the cat. According to her, there's two in the house, but only one turns up in pictures, because the other is more shy than the first. I suppose that'd explain why THIS cat is in such a hurry to get out of the picture :3

And huh. Can hear Dad saying something about Naomi in the kitchen. About how her sleeping all day and being up all night needs to stop. Wholeheartedly agreed. It's annoying enough coming home to find Adam still up, let alone Naomi.

But anyways, time for more Picross DS. Finished about 5 puzzles (under an hour) in normal level 5 right now, so I'm still making decent progress.