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After I had just enough time to get all excited and such, Mom pointed out the little slip from Shoppers, with a box ticked off indicating that I won't be able to pick it up 'till 1:00 tomorrow, which is when we'll be gone getting our haircuts, after which I plan on going back to sleep because I don't think I'm going to get very much between now and then. And the best thing about it is that upon flipping it over, there's a little space with options for why one would be getting a package. The one that's checked off for mine is "No answer". Yes indeed. I was up 'till 9:00 this morning playing Picross DS and whatnot, but I would've been up in my room ;_;

Well, I suppose for now I can send an email to Obliviousally. At least it won't have to be the whole "I haven't seen it yet so if it does get here eventually I'll let you know but until then thanks anyways".

But yeah. Night off, followed by 6 more closes. Well, technically not closes, because for most of them, I'm scheduled to be done when the store is closed to customers, as opposed to actually closed, which I'm obviously quite pissed off about (being taken advantage of again), but aside from actually saying to Shelia (or whoever fiddles with the schedule after she's done making it) "Stop it", there's not much that can be done.

Considering I have to be up at 12 or 12:30 though, don't think I'll be staying up too late tonight (and thus probably not going to 7-11) :\ Feh. It was becoming more of a regular thing anyways. Sure, it's nice to go to 7-11 or wherever else when I have a night off, but when it becomes a "I have the night off so I'm going there" type thing, it really isn't fun anymore.

Anyways though, sent that email off, and now Mom wants me to print out four more copies of Naomi's resume, because, as I understand it, all the copy places in Chatham are closed after 7. I'm really sure they are, but I'm not about to put up a fuss :x

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