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~2 Months Later

Ugh. Such an annoying song. Don't know the name of it, but the lyrics I can hear coming from upstairs are something like "dug my key into the side of his pretty little souped up four-wheel drive" and such. No. Exacting revenge is not the proper way to go about getting back at someone who cheated on you, and even then, before doing something so... senseless, think: is there anything you yourself might have done (or not done) to cause them to do that? Mark said something a while back as well about not liking it because it "encourages vindictive behavior", and I'd have to agree with him there. Apparently lots of other people like it (obviously including Naomi), but I really can't see how :\

But yes. After getting back from getting haircuts today, we went to Shoppers, where I got a box. Inside the box was this. It's about time. Although I have to say it's an awfully big box :s But there is one other problem. On the far right, where it looks sort of flattened out, it is. The belt loops are obviously sewn below that spot, so I can't very well try to shake the stuffing up into it, but whatever. I suppose it'd work better for actually wearing it, but we'll have to see about that when I get home from work tonight. It's really (really) soft though, so I'm glad it's finally here <3

And speaking of work, it's 7:00 already. Blah. I think this is the only night this week I actually start at 8, but knowing my luck it won't be. Have no clue who I'll be working with either, but I want to say at least Michelle as the closing manager. One way or another, I'm way too tired still (got to sleep at 9 in the morning, woke up at 12:30, then went back to bed at 4, and got up at 6), but yeah :\

Oh, and Picross DS progress. Completed up to an including two puzzles in Normal level 7 (20x20 is ridiculous), as well as one puzzle in level 8 or 9, and one in 10. Jupiter in 10, to be specific. 20x25 had better be the highest it goes. It's sort of frustrating sitting there counting squares for several minutes, and not being able to figure out any more moves to make, but it's supper time, and I'm extremely hungry.

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