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Chairs are Expensive ;_;

There is a chair here, in front of the computer, in which I'm sitting as I type this, that's almost complete garbage. It's a recliner, and the screws that hold the big metal thing with the springs on it for reclining in have long since been lost, so even so much as trying to pull it closer into the table that the computer's on makes it turn, so you can't recline anymore, unless you like tilting at a really odd angle back to the left or right. And also, someone (I'm guessing Adam) seemingly broke the left arm rest earlier tonight, and although I'm sure it could be fixed if I were to flip it over, I really don't see the point, as it'd just get broken again.

SO... I've been looking at thebrick.com, and have been greatly disappointed by the prices of most of the recliners on there, but I finally found one that seems reasonable. This here. Still $300, but, well, I'm not going to even bother saying it :p

Thinking about things though...

I just got my pay stub tonight, for $480 plus a couple cents (at least I'm pretty sure), and, of course, I won't actually get paid 'till Thursday. I figure I probably have ~$3,700 in my bank account right now, and I'd really rather not go out and buy that chair (or another one that's not terribly expensive) right away, but I don't want to have to continue using this one (or the one I got from Staples a while ago, seeing as it doesn't recline at all :x) either. What a mess... Meh. We'll have to see if Adam's willing to chip in some money as well, because I'm not going to buy a $300 chair and have him get food and stuff all over (and in) it.

But yeah. For still only going on 4 hours of sleep, I'm surprisingly alert, so this is fun. Don't plan on staying up too early this morning, for obvious reasons, but I do want to watch a movie while I have something to eat, so it's time to do that now :3

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