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No Dad. No.

Just got back from taking Adam to work and going to McDonalds for breakfast. On the way back, Dad got to telling me what he does with the extra money Adam gives them every couple weeks (long story), that being that he uses it for his (Adam's) tithe. Then he decided to ask me if I wanted to start doing that too.

Not a chance in hell (ironic, huh?). Like I said before, haven't been to church in ages, so it doesn't make sense that I'd give them 10% of my pay (same goes for Adam, in fact), and yeah. I just don't understand why anyone (with the exception of people that actually want to) should feel obligated to give part of their weekly (monthly, annual, etc.) pay to some sort of religious organization just because they're "part" or that religion. That and also, for the whole religion thing in general, the overly obvious "if, by believing in your religion's god, and being "good", or whatever, you'll go to "heaven", and (almost (just in case)) every religion follows a different god, then, for all purposes, everyone is going to "hell".

Of course, if there was one real god, that argument would be completely invalidated, but I don't think such a thing has yet been proven.

But whatever. If other people want to, that's fine. Like I said, I personally don't buy it, but to each their own.

As for the whole life insurance talk / discussion earlier, have a plan (or whatever word you may want to use) that will see $36 (I think) being taken out of my bank account, on the 10th of each month, with an "insurance value" (can't think of the word) of $50,000. At least for right now. The one irritating part about it was that the guy we were talking to (I think his name was Dave Wanimaker) was going over the beneficiaries part of it at one point, and kept going on about "So one day you'll be married, maybe with a couple kids, and with this plan, you'll be able to add them as people who will be covered by your insurance." No sir. Married? I highly doubt it. Won't have a wife (heh), and doubtedly any kids either. Let's try not to jump to conclusions. Even though it may be a bit too politically correct, "significant other" fits in the sentence much, much better.

Anyways though, yeah. 8:30 right now, so I'll probably head upstairs around 9. Don't have to be to work 'till 9 tonight, but other than that, not much of note.

Well, also, that idea I had for Picross DS worked quite well. Here's what I have done so far: link. Still quite a bit to do, obviously, and I can't help but feel someone else will finish doing something like that and list it at GameFAQs first, but hey, it can't hurt to try :3 Still undecided about including the numbers along the side, but meh. That'll do for now~

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