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What a Wonderful Smell to Wake Up To

The whole house smells of burning, the explanation for which Mom gave was that "the stove was on 425 and I opened it." WTF. Smoke detector's gone off twice now, and the smell isn't exactly helping either :\

Wouldn't have slept in this late (6:30), but I woke up at 5, thought "I don't have to be to work 'till 9, and I didn't get to sleep 'till 9:30 or so...", and went back to sleep. Had one memorable dream, wherein I had another dream, and had sort of written out the details of it. Only part I can remember now was that there was some sort of vampire like thing (think a more realistic version of the one seen here, that kept flickering in and out, then suddenly appeared up on it's side on the right, and yeah. Then in the non-dream part of the dream (confusing yay), we (me and two other people, who I can't remember) were in a hospital, pushing carts of stuff along a hallway, when we finally came to an elevator, into which I pushed the stuff I had, then said to the other two "I'll catch up with you later. I really have to go to the bathroom" :x So I kept walking along 'till I found a flight of stairs, which were really strange. Each stair had some thing in between it (so to try to illustrate, it was stair, blocking thing about the stair's height taller than the stair, then another stair down below it, and so on). Despite that though, I managed to walk down them just fine, and upon finally reaching the bottom, came to a point where I had to jump down to another walkway down below, where there were a lot of people. Began making my way through them, and then they started clapping and cheering, and that's all I remember.

And now...

7 right now, and work at 9, which I really can't picture going like last night - started off terribly, but we walked out of there shortly before 20 after. As per the usual, Ange was still walking around barking orders and generally being way more overbearing than any manager should be, and I almost lost it with her, on one really stupid decision. Around 11:30 or so, I asked Manoah if it was alright with him if I worked on getting some of the dishes caught up, and he said yes. About half an hour later, I get called up on line, to drop fries, and also to help cash Josh out in drive through, which quickly turned to helping expedite on line, because Ange said herself that she was too slow at it. So WTF again. Why didn't SHE go down in drive through and help cash him out, or go back and do dishes? I'm trying to get the dishes done as fast as possible, so there's less to do at the end of the night and we can be out of there quicker, and yet when you actually do call for help, you won't let me help the person who actually NEEDS it, and instead make me help you on line, when you could switch with Manoah, or find something to do that you can actually handle.

And then what's more, afterthat little incident took place and things calmed down again, they (Manoah, Ange, Josh C.) all went out for a smoke, while I continued washing dishes, and Manoah came back in determined to get me to come out and sit down with them. First of all, no. I got enough second hand smoke throughout the rest of the week. Second of all, no again. I'm still pissed off at Ange for the stupid decisions she keeps making, so what good to you hope having me go out and sit down with her would do? And third, you (Manoah) get to leave at 2. You don't have to worry about getting the store cleaned up after that. The rest of us do, as evidenced by how I managed to have hot and cold line taken down and cleaned, fry dump cleaned and set back up, torts rotated, and other small jobs caught up before we were closed. Josh C.? He did dishes, restocked drive through, and swept and mopped line and the middle. Nothing to say about that. Ange and Jess (more on that in a bit)? Printed off the end of the night reports, did counts, then sat outside smoking.

As for Jess, she worked 'till 12, despite being done at 9, then came back in, mostly because she was "hungry" (being drunk does strange things to you, I guess), and didn't actually get home 'till about 4:30, even though she had to be to work at 9 in the morning again. So good job Ange. Closing with her tonight as well (god forbid), but Michelle is there too, which could be a good or bad thing depending on what sort of mood she's in. Chelsea (someone who normally works supper shifts is there too, then Josh C., like last night. So here's how I hope things go. Put Chelsea and Josh on drive through, so he can help her if she needs it, but otherwise, help on line or get other stuff done. Assuming we don't have one already, Michelle will be the dining room closer, and Ange can do whatever else. Sad as it may be, she's proven that she'll only do what she wants to do, and being a manager, she actually can choose not to do whatever.

One of the better parts of last night was doing a food swap with Pizza Hut, then getting called about an hour later by Dominos as well, which we had to turn down. Manoah got the idea to tell Ange we were doing one with them, and that all they wanted was 7 double decker tacos in exchange for a bunch of food, so that was rather amusing too :p

But yeah. There's a song I want to put on my PSP before I have to go to work (Harder Better Faster Stronger, and possibly other songs in "Discovery" as well), and I also want to get at least one more puzzle done in my thing for Picross DS, so might as well get started :3

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