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More Thievery

Right. I got home from work last night, did a bunch of stuff on here, then went upstairs to play some Phoenix Wright before I went to bed. Lo and behold, my DS Lite is gone. I wasn't that worried, because it was obvious Naomi took it, but I was more angry that she would even dare do such a thing. See, it's not so much the stuff that gets taken that I don't like. After nearly $200, my closet key, several comics, my DS Lite, and numerous other things, I can't bring myself to even care. It's just the idea that she seems to think she can go into my room whenever she so desires and take things.

Anyways, getting back on topic, at supper tonight, the subject of her taking it got brought up, and she excused herself from the table in a hurry. Comes back down about 5 minutes later, and says something about "I'll sit with you guys, but I'm not talking to you", and I thought nothing of it. However, after getting up from the table and wandering around, I realized "she could've very well put my DS back", so I went up and checked, and there it was.

However, it's now just after 9, and we ate supper around 6:30. All that time in between I figured that Phoenix Wright must still be in the DS, so I just went up to check a couple minutes ago, and there's nothing in it. What's more, I figured "Okay, maybe she put it back in with the rest of my games", so I went to check, and guess what? My whole little case of GBA and DS games is gone. That's almost 40 of them! She denied the whole thing, of course, and once Adam confronted her about it, she started crying, presumably to gain the sympathy of my Mom who was sitting right beside her, and that's where we left off. I'm just hoping now that once Mom goes to bed (as Dad and Adam already are), she'll put them back.

Seriously, if she wants to play the games that badly, I'll let her use my other DS (one of the larger ones). She's supposedly (read: unwillingly) trying to get a job at Tim Hortons, but lord knows it'll take a while before that happens, but as far as I'm concerned, as long as she gives my games back, I'll let her borrow my regular DS and one game of her choice, just until she saves up enough to buy one of her own. If it comes to the point where she does save up enough money for one (or whenever we get the money our Grandpa left us, whichever comes first), and she doesn't want to buy one of them, I'll take it back. It's the simple concept of getting loaned something until you can afford it yourself.

Anyways, right now, I'm waiting for 10 to come so I can start recording Sunday Services from DefCon. I missed Chaos Theory Radio earlier on (I was playing Okami), but one's better than none. I'm also contemplating going up to 7-11 and Tim Hortons (because the latter just opened up behind 7-11), but it all depends on whether I find something to hold my interest enough that I don't want to get up :x

I should be washing my Taco Bell uniform right now, as it got caked in sour cream, lime sauce, pico, and who knows what else last night (long story), but I also need to have a shower, and both can't be happening at once, so I don't know what I'm going to do. Tomorrow's going to suck, as we have to be out to Tilbury for 1 to get our hair cut (me and my Mom are going).

Meh. I think what I'm going to do is wait 'till 10, then start recording Sunday Services, start my laundry, then head to 7-11. It's going to be at least 3 in the morning before I get to bed, so given that, I should easily have enough time to do all that and still have a shower.

I might get back to Okami a bit later, but I don't know right now. I'm up to just starting the Wawku Shrine, and so far, I've gotten all the Stray Beads possible, aside from Blockhead Grande's. That's going to be a big pain in the ass to do, unless I get Adam to help me with it or something. The only ones I can't get right now are back in Shinshu Field, and those require you to to beat Lechku and Nechku first. One funny thing with it is that when I started this second file I'm working on, both my Money-Carryable amount (I can't remember the name right now) and my Astral Pouches were full in the upgrade screen. I had the rest filled up about right around fighting Orochi for the first time, so I've had the rest of the game to collect praise that I've no use for. Right now it's at 4000 something, and the frightening thing is that I could get at least another thousand before I beat the game. My Yen's not doing so bad this time either, as I had just over 2 million after leaving the Astral Gate.

I think that's all I have to say for right now though.

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