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'nother Rant on Ange, Specifically

Short entry here, because I want to get back to what I'm doing on Picross DS, but once again, terrible night yesterday. Well hell. Any night is terrible when you have two people cleaning the dining room, and it takes them 'till 2:30 in the morning to get it done, when they started at 10. God. I would seriously say to Earl "You need to talk to Ange about what she's doing on nights", but I know he'd probably just ignore that. So I could go to Mike, but he hasn't come down in some time, from what I've seen...

Could also simply say to Shelia "Don't schedule me with Ange anymore unless it's absolutely necessary", but then she'd turn around and tell Ange what I said, and that'd be a big mess.

And to top it all off last night, during the bar rush, Ange and Josh C. were down in drive through, I was on line by myself, and Jess was out mopping the dining room. Ange asked Jess to come in and help me on line, but I told her "No. I'd rather have the dining room finished first." Surprisingly enough, she was fine with that (well, not fine, but more just wasn't going to say anything, because she knew the dining room needed to be finished too). So Jess finished mopping about 10 minutes after that, then came back in, and within 5 minutes, took Josh's headset, and was down in drive through with Ange. Like I told him (Josh) after the bar rush was over, it seems that all they're concerned about is doing whatever's easiest at any point in time. Yeah.

So bar rush finally ended, and of course, all three of them promptly went out for a smoke, and then when they came back in, Ange grabbed the scoop thing for the fryer, so I assumed she was going to scoop the burnt fries out of it and into the garbage. Half right. Next time I walked back into the middle, there was a mess of fries and grease on the floor. If there was ever a moment I felt like walking out in recent shifts, it was then. Just... no. And what's more, a couple more cars came after that, and of course, once the orders were taken care of, they went out for another smoke (crutch, anyone?), effectively making it so that I had to finish Ange's job of sweeping the floor, and Jess's job of cleaning the grill. Screw you guys.

Heh. The more and more I think about it, telling Shelia "Don't schedule me with her" seems like a good idea. What's she going to say? "So I heard you don't like working with me"? No Ange, I don't. Doesn't happen with / to a whole lot of people (you'd be the first at Taco Bell), but it did this time, and the easiest solution at present is to just not work with you :\

Not quite a short entry after all, but meh. And staying up really early this morning (10 at latest) to see if my tails get here. I do hope so <3

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