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So It's 9 in the Morning...

No sign of any box yet, and Dad is out in the front yard doing something or other involving unplugging a drain, so if it were to come, I'd like to think he'd at least come in to tell me. Still going to phone EB Games to see if they have something I want to get, but otherwise, probably just go to bed after that. Assuming EB Games does have what I want though, I'll probably just remind him "If a box comes for me this week and I'm asleep wake me up" on the way back. Just in case.

My back still hurts like you wouldn't believe, thanks to an incident that occurred earlier today involving me wanting to sit in the chair Adam was in, which led to him jumping on me in the doorway to the living room, and seemingly attempting to put his finger right into my eye socket, and yeah :\ My fault entirely, but there's nothing that can be done about it now. Oh, and there's also a new chair in this room here now, which saves me having to think about spending money on one. Yay. From what I know, Dad just had it down in the basement or something, but it works fine up here, so whatever :p

No work tonight either, but I dunno. Unless I can find something that really grabs my attention and that I can spend up to an hour at a time with, I'll probably just go to bed whenever I get tired. Could work on my pictures for Picross DS, but I'd like to get the levels 2 through 7 finished before I go on to any new puzzles, and after even so much as 1 or 2, that gets terribly boring.

And this song is actually good too. Downloaded part of it a long time ago when we had our first computer, thinking it was hilarious because "Blowin' in the wind" could be talking about farting and such, but Michelle had it on in her van on the way home on Sunday, and I liked it, and yeah. On the topic of songs as well, people must really like this one :o 93 downloads?

But it's quarter to though, so I'm going to find something else to do with my time for another 15 minutes. Let's hope it goes by quickly...

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