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Woke up briefly at 5, and after convincing myself that it was actually 5 in the morning instead of afternoon, went back to sleep, and woke up again at quarter to in a sort-of panic, because I knew Adam planned on going out to EB Games when he got off work, at 5:30. They didn't have in what I wanted earlier this morning, but true to what the lady there said, it did arrive later on because Nintendo ships their stuff differently than the rest of the companies that deal with EB do. So yeah. Might just ask to run out for supper later or something and go there while we're at it, because having Adam go to EB Games, then going there myself as soon as they get back doesn't make sense.

What would make more sense is to just wait 'till Thursday, and run over there while we're out getting groceries, but I can't exactly picture that happening :s

Dad apparently got an email back from a lady that has something to do with that radio broadcaster class (as I understand it), saying that Audacity worked great, and that the next thing he needs is a list of steps in order to make it more "user friendly". How exactly can you make it more user friendly? You just click the big 'ol "Record" button, talk into the microphone for a while, click the "Stop" button, and from there, either click play to listen to yourself again, or click "File", "Export as MP3", name the file, and send it off to wherever it needs to be. Simple, but then again, he's the same one who couldn't figure out how to log into his email yesterday because he was using a different login page. Heh...

So he left a note on the computer here to say that, and there's also a PS at the bottom: "Will see you later tonight hopefully?"

Probably because Earl left a message on the answering machine wanting me to come in tonight. No. It is nice to see he's more saying "We need you to do this" instead of "Could you do this", but I'm still saying no. I know Manoah's the reason they're looking for someone to work, because he called me last night wanting to know if I'd take his shift, and since I told him "No" then, it'd be really strange if I were to say "Yes" to them now.

And obviously no sign of my tails either, but the first one I ordered from here arrived on a Wednesday, and tomorrow is, so maybe then. That aside though, might as well do up those instructions for Dad so they'll be done by the time he gets home.

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