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What I Got at EB


It really is overkill to have another one, and, well, can't really give any explanation for wanting it aside from the color scheme, but meh. Haven't touched Brain Age 2 yet, but the Megaman game has been decent so far, so yeah. Really like the idea of instead of having a separate real world and "internet world", the two exist in the same space, save for being able to EM transmit into devices or whatever it's called. The (pseudo) 3D battles are interesting as well, but more or less a pain at this point, because it's kind of hard to tell just how many squares an enemy is away from you when you can't see how many there are on your side. It was 9 in the other games, but given that you can only move to the left and right, it could just be 3...

But also... this page. Row 1, column 3. Download the wallpaper, view it at full size (as long as it's as big or bigger than your current resolution), and tell me it's not... hypnotic. Was taking a look at the preview on customize.org, and I could swear the black bits between the colored bars were getting darker and lighter, as in an animated GIF or something.

Funny thing also on the way home from EB Games earlier. Passing by Taco Bell, I saw Steve walking in, in full uniform and such, when last I knew he was supposed to have the night off. God, it's such a terrible but funny feeling at the same time. On one hand, it made me feel bad because I knew that by not phoning them back, I was screwing Steve over for his night off, but on the other hand, it was funny because it was the first time I saw such a thing, and the initial thought of "I know why he's going there" was amusing.

Heading to 7-11 (again) though, then after that, have dishes to do, then probably just more game playing. Don't know about staying up 'till 8 or 9 again, seeing as I've been tired for most of the evening and night now, but we'll have to see...

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