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Well that's Really Nice

When I went to 7-11 last night, I withdrew $40 from the ATM, and only ended up using $20 between there and Tim Hortons, so I tucked the remaining $20 underneath a Phantasy Star Universe player's guide that's been on my top bunk ever since Adam let me use it back when I still played the game. Got to thinking a couple minutes ago about going to McDonalds for breakfast, but then realized I really shouldn't spend any more money out of my bank account (at least until next time we get paid), so I'd use the $20 instead.

Just went up to grab it, and not only is the game guide missing, but the money is as well. The guide's down here, beside the chair in front of the TV / Adam's 360, so I can only assume he was playing the game and needed the guide for it, but the money is nowhere to be found, both up there and down here. Arrrrgh.

So screw it, I suppose. If it really came down to it, I could dip into the money I have saved up for the giant tail, but I don't want to do that, because up to this point, I've been saving it for one specific reason, and I really don't want to just have to toss that out the window (figuratively speaking, of course). Hopefully it arrives today as well. Absolutely no sign of it for the rest of the week, but I have a rather far-fetched theory for why it hasn't shown up yet, and tonight, I've done things so as not to meet the main condition of that theory, so hopefully I see it sometime soon.

Part of me really wants to just go to bed, and leave it up to Dad to wake me up if it does show up, but also there's the feeling of that if I do go to bed, Dad won't hear the person knocking at the door, or won't want to get me up or something. Worry worry worry~

As for that other thing (well, things now), sent the money order off, and an email to the person to let them know it was on it's way, so not much to do but wait for that for now.

But as for work tonight, switched my shift with Manoah for tomorrow so he leaves at 2, and I leave at 3. Yeah. Apparently I was originally scheduled to work from 8 to 2 or something, but it's only an hour extra, so meh. I've already made it quite clear to Josh as well that, should the store be a mess at 3, I'll stay, but otherwise, I plan on going home, and as expected, he felt the need to say "What, it's only an extra 15 minutes or half hour. Boo hoo." Boo hoo indeed. I've been getting screwed over for leaving early for as long as I can remember, so for once, I'd really like to work my shift exactly as it's marked on the schedule.

Saturday's going to be interesting too. Closers (not necessarily closing, but for lack of a better word) are Ange and Jess (oh hells no), Steve (manageable), Earl (hmm...) and me (hi :3). Although I suppose depending on whether Earl actually sees to it that Ange works instead of being outside for a smoke half the night, it could be alright, but still, it's not going to be good. In the words of Manoah though, as long as you do exactly what's expected of you, there's nothing to worry about. Might have a bit of a problem with having to tuck my shirt in (untucked is much more comfortable), but otherwise, upselling and / or not being able to bag line early and such shouldn't be a problem. After all, what's one night? As far as I know, I have the next day off too, so it won't be all bad.

Also, all PSP unbricker? Wow. Makes me want to brick the other PSP I have just to test it out :o Only problem is how, but deleting all the files from flash1 or something like that would probably work... Feh. Not going to try it out right yet anyways, mostly because my other PSP is upstairs, although I will pick up my other one and get back to playing Mario Bros. 2~

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