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Stuck in the Middle Again

Got up this afternoon, and had enough time to walk into the bathroom, take care of things, and head back into my room thinking about going to sleep again, when Mom knocked on my door and asked if I was ready to go grocery shopping. Didn't even realize it was Thursday until she said that, but I put my pants back on, went downstairs and grabbed my shirt, and went into the kitchen to see if there was any little slip from Shoppers or elsewhere that might have indicated my tail(s) were at least in the city. Nothing.

There was, however, a note on the cupboard, which said that Taco Bell called, and due to the hours being changed around, I no longer had to work tonight. I realize now the hours were cut purely to make it look like Earl is / was actually (actively) doing his job, which is just sad.

So we went and got groceries, and on the way back, stopped by Taco Bell so I could get some supper. Josh was there. Asked if I wanted to run to Tim Hortons with him, and despite not being able to figure out why, went anyways. Got to talking about what happened with tonight, and he was apparently livid this morning about it, and actually had it out with Earl at front cash. Manoah's supposedly still leaving at 2, which leaves him and two other closers, which, to his mind, isn't enough, because he has the order coming in, and has to put it away. Huh. I don't see what's stopping him from helping get things tidied up at first, so they can all put the order away together (what's the saying... "many hands make for light work" or something like that), but that's his problem.

For all I know right now though, I have tonight and tomorrow night off, then I work 9 to close on Saturday, and have Sunday off after that as well.

And severe thunderstorm watch. Yay ^^ The rain this morning wasn't too bad, but not as much of a thunderstorm as I was hoping it'd be

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