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What did I Say?

An hour ago now I got ready to go to 7-11, so I went upstairs and put my jacket on, and took a quick glance in the box of all my games on my top bunk. Nothing. However, I glanced over at my dresser, and there they were. I don't yet know if Phoenix Wright is in there or not, but chances are it is. If not, I'll just buy a new one :p Now would be a perfect time to get a lock on my door, but I don't know what Dad would say about it. See, the only way into his room is through mine. Yeah. It's great when I want privacy :s If only I could take over his room and he could take over mine - that'd work, but it's really not feasible. It'd be awesome if we could do it, but it's not going to happen. Bah.

Anyways, that's why having a lock on my door wouldn't work. Yeah, my Dad could have a key as well, but if she had to choose between the two, Naomi would probably try to get his, and I can see her succeeding. Like, I can't hide stuff in my closet, because that's where all my personal stuff is, and even if I were to figure out a way to get everything in there, she has the key anyways! It's one of those ridiculously old locks, with a key that looks like this as well.

About half a month ago now, I had $100 in my pocket that I had withdrawn from my bank account. The next time I went to get that money, there was about $35 left, so I took that and hid it in an empty kleenex box on the table at the head of my bed, and put a roll of toilet paper over the hole so that nobody could see it. When I went to get that the next day, it was gone. Then after that, I had a little envelope of all my change of a quarter or above underneath my bottom bunk. That stayed there for a good bit of time, but it still disappeared eventually.

The only hiding place that actually worked was underneath some blankets on my top bunk, but I can't use that spot now. See, I keep my pad for DDR Mario Mix up there, but since our cats tend to lay up there most of the day, I can't very well leave it uncovered or anything, so I originally put a comforter I wasn't using on top of it. Between the mattress and the comforter is where I hid money before. Now, however, since it's getting colder by the day, I actually use said comforter at night, so I needed to find something else to cover the pad up. I have a blanket sort of thing with a wolf pattern on it that I got for Christmas some years back, and I haven't used it at all since, namely because I unbuttoned the thing and now I can't get it back together :s Anyways, I put that on top of the pad first, which worked, but it's pretty thin, and it didn't cover the whole mattress, so I looked for something else I could use. I found a spare mattress cover for my top bunk, and put that on, which works quite good for what I want it to do. However, because it's one of the elastic-type things, I can't very well lift it up to hide money underneath without having to go through the frustrating process of getting it back on afterwards.

On the topic of Naomi getting a job at Tim Hortons though, I did go to the one by 7-11. It's nice. I saw Jarrod working there (someone that used to volunteer at Heart and Stroke), so in retrospect, I should've asked him if they were hiring, and told him about what was going on with Naomi. Too late now, although I'll pass the idea along to Mom and see what she says. Everyone else in this house except Naomi has a paying job, so it's about time she got one, and started contributing towards what me and Adam have to - internet (although even if she did, she wouldn't be using this computer to surf it - it's mine >:)), gas, $100 every month to Dad who uses it for some unknown reason, and then whatever else for what she wants.

I have to do the same thing, and I've gone from having about $500 in my bank account, to ~$3800 just from trying not to spend all the money I earn. Dad still owes me $2500, as I loaned him that so he could get the van fixed, as of the Thursday after next, I'll have easily $4000 in my account, and to top it all off our money from Grandpa should be arriving before the year is over, which I believe is something like $10000. It's almost certainly more, from what I remember though :o Not having a debit card really helps when it comes to saving, although it can be an inconvenience at times. I wouldn't have it any other way though. At least not until I see what's available :)

Anyhow, that's alot more than I originally planned to type :x That should be it for now, but I'm not guaranteeing anything :p Time to go get my laundry...

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