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Back to this Again, Huh?

One thing and one thing only, Adam. He's playing Farcry on his 360, and chatting with people in IMVU and MSN on the computer at the same time. As much as I appreciate multitasking, this is just ridiculous.

But of course, I'm not in the best of moods either, because my tails have still yet to show up. It seems to have gone from the delivery time before being about two weeks, to double that, with no explanation at all. So right now I'm expecting to see a box either the week of the 3rd or 10th (of September, that is), but I suppose for now all I can do is cross my fingers. I mean, I know I'm going to get them eventually, but the wait having suddenly doubled from 2 to 4 weeks is just strange and annoying.

Pretty sure I have tomorrow off though, so I'll probably just stay up again, seeing as Starforce Leo is really holding my interest now (although I'm up to the second part of the satellite, so probably quite near the end of the game), and after that, I could always go out and pick up Pegasus or Dragon too. If the other games in the Battle Network series were any indication though, the differences between games will be different bosses, characters, color schemes, and / or decorations (for example, posters on the walls could be different). Feh. I just noticed this earlier today too though, so that'll be something to eventually look forward to.

Although it'll be nice to have started with the first game in the series. Started off the Battle Network line of games at the second one, and after beating it, found and downloaded the first one. I was not impressed. Grainy graphics (compared to the other games), missing a couple features I liked in the second game (can't remember them specifically right now though), and, most importantly, having a disgustingly chaotic version of "cyberspace". Tiny minuscule paths against a nasty peach colored (if I remember correctly) background didn't really help things. I remember one time I actually found my way into the undernet, but didn't even realize it, for not having any different color scheme to show that it was different.

The 5th game was just about as bad, purely for the inclusion of the liberation missions. Liked those at first, because I was playing the game on an emulator, and thus could use savestates to make sure I made whatever move was best at a given time. Then I actually got a DS, and went out and bought both games, along with the DS version of the two combined, got up to about the second liberation mission on all three, and haven't touched them since. Yeah.

I really should go get my uniform on though. Closing with Michelle, Manoah, and Josh (although he's only there 'till 11) tonight, so I really don't want to go to work (mostly because it seems Manoah always gets put on line and me on drive through), but we get paid this week, so the money will be nice :p

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