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Nice Customer(s)

Remembered earlier a couple things that happened at work earlier tonight.

First one involved a customer in drive through. Took his order fine, then he pulled up to the window, where I took his cash, and counted out his change which was a five dollar bill and several coins. I'm not sure what everyone else does, or what the customers are used to, but when handing the change out, I prefer to put the coins on top of any bills and hand it out that way. So I did that, stuck my hand out the window, and the guy just grabs the bill and yanks it out of my hand causing all the change to go flying, and says "Idiot. You don't put the coins on top of the bill." Huh. Excuse me, Mr. Fussy. So I handed him a receipt, so he could see if he still had all his change there, and went to go grab his order, then handed it out, said "Sorry", and asked him if I owed him anything else. Six cents. And interestingly enough, I know for a fact some change fell on the ground outside the window. I'd also counted out exactly what he was supposed to get. However, when I went out to grab the change that had fallen, there was nothing. He only made off with 6 extra cents, yes, but still.

First of all, you're not only rude, but then you decide to call me an idiot (I could really care less, but Josh felt differently), and say you need more change than you're actually supposed to get. Ugh. Drive away, and never come back again, until your attitude changes. And if it makes any difference, up to the point of him screwing up the handing-over of the change, I treated him exactly like any other customer.

Next was a lady that came into the dining room, and said she was in the book for a family pack. She was indeed, so while Josh rung it in on the till, I sort of stood over by the fry dump, not doing anything in particular. Out of nowhere she says "You're really tall." Fine, whatever. People say odd things all the time. So then she held her fingers apart like you do when you're trying to describe the size of something small (with your thumb and pointing finger, if it makes it easier to understand), and asked me "Are you afraid of a guy this tall?" Didn't have a clue what she was talking about, and I guess she realized that, and tried a different angle. Held her hand up above the counter and asked again. Told her "It depends on what he's trying to do." Three more times she did that, each time holding her hand down a bit more, and asking the same question. Then she did the thing with her fingers again, asked the question once more, and I said "No", and she made some sort of punching motion. I get it. It doesn't really make sense in that there's never going to be a person who has a fist as large as their body, but that's just being technical. The problem with it was she was just so... chatty. If I / we wanted to talk to you, I / we would. Otherwise, take your food, drinks, and any condiments you wish, and have a nice night. Please.

The last thing didn't involve anyone in particular though. We did a food swap with Dominos (rather odd for a weeknight, but hey), and like last time, promptly got called afterwards by Pizza Hut, wanting to know if we'd do one with them. Josh told them no though, but then said something about how they could do one tomorrow night :s I don't work tomorrow night, but I suppose it gives the people that do something to look forward to.

But anyways, it's quarter after 9 right now. Still hope to get Metroid Prime Corruption at EB Games, but I realized that even if they don't have it, I can still go out there and get either Starforce Dragon or Starforce Pegasus. Probably Pegasus, because I really hate the mega chip you'd get from the Dragon version. It only hits the back row, plus one square in the second last row, and has pitiful attack to boot.

And as for finding a place to put the tail, settled on my closet for now. It does fit under my bed, but getting it under there requires an inordinate amount of shoving and pushing, and just as much to get it back out. Have yet to try "wearing" it as well, but given that the only room that's big and unobstructed enough to put straight out in is the living room, and even in there, I'd probably end up looping it through my belt, walking a bit, then suddenly encountering lots of resistance as it drags along the floor. Regardless, tonight, I will try. At least once :p

Final thing though: September's almost here. It's almost time for me to start going back to Heart and Stroke again. That's going to take some getting used to :x Right now though, thinking of just emailing Michele the first of September, asking when she'd like me to come back, and also to let her know that I might need a week or so to get used to waking up at that time in the morning again. Getting to the point now where I go to bed at 9 or so, which is just bad, but that's all for now, because I'm really getting too talkative~

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