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Rainbow Styluses

These are the incentives you get for having a copy of Brain Age 2 registered, and filling out a short survey. They're free though, and I do like the colors (especially how they're white-tipped instead of one solid color), so I can't complain. Thing is they don't get shipped 'till on or after October 1st, and will take 6-10 weeks to get here after that (at least a month, sure enough), so by the time they get here I won't even remember they were coming :s

Fairly uneventful day today though. Went out to EB Games at 10 and got both Corruption and Starforce Pegasus, which, combined with the gas money I gave Dad, took about $145 out of my pay right there :\ Was thinking of getting Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology as well, but not right now. Maybe next time I get paid or something. That is assuming I pay for the game at all... Metroid Prime's been alright so far, although the controls are going to take a bit of getting used to. For example, just having to press down on the D-pad to fire a missile, instead of pressing the button once to equip them, and having to press it again to fire one off. That and I keep getting B and Z mixed up. They're on different pieces of the controller, so I don't see how, but I'm still managing to do it.

And also, first drawback of the giant tail. There is now purple and white (or cream) fur all over my room, just from brushing it down with my hand :x I'm the only one that goes in there regularly nowadays, so it's not a big deal. More funny than anything, really. And on that topic, sent SPark the money for footpaws, and I have now been added to the list. "Just some fun fursuit feet", despite being a fine bit of alliteration, doesn't really describe what I have in mind all too well, but considering that we're not worrying about the details until she catches up on her other projects, I suppose that's good enough for now.

Nothing better to do with my time right now though, so I'm going to finish up a couple more puzzles on Picross DS~

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