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Mom just asked Adam if he was free next Wednesday. He is, so now, just so long as Dad does too, they're going to Wingham to visit Aunt Carol and Uncle Brent. Of course, I work next Monday, 9 to close, so it'd better be time an a half. Well, actually, all four closes I have coming up are 9 to whenever, which is alright, I guess. And in all fairness, spending an entire day to go to Wingham for a couple hours then coming back doesn't exactly seem like the most sensible thing ever.

Anyways though, tried to get up a bit earlier today, seeing as I ended up going to bed around 6. Probably some side effect of running up and down the stairs all night to do stuff on Naomi's computer. As far as I know, it's fine now, but there's still one strange problem. Ran Adaware two times, both of which detected about 170 critical objects, but always froze before giving me a chance to remove them. So I downloaded AVG's antispyware thing, and it detected nothing. Thinking now, could those 170 critical objects detected by Adaware just be cookies? Makes sense...

Had a couple strange dreams though, one of which I can remember though:

Was taking a look at my friends page on here, and noticed that squnq had posted a new entry. Wondered what it could've been, so I went to take a closer look at it, when suddenly the whole thing switched from just staring at a page with text on it, to actually standing in some barren field, with trees all around the far outer edge, with a pit in the middle, in which a whole bunch of people were standing. From as far back as I was standing, I could see someone on the edge of the pit with a camera, and I started running towards them yelling "Wait, wait, wait". Then I noticed what I was wearing. A yellow jacket I haven't put on since a couple years ago, at least. Strange. Jumped down into the pit though, still yelling "Wait", then everyone else turned to look at me with looks of "Huh?" or "What the hell?" on their faces. Then I noticed what those people were wearing. Several of them had fursuits on, while the rest were wearing either tails, ears, feet, or other furry-related items. Turned around to look at the person standing up on the edge of the pit with a thought of "You know why I'm here" or something like that, then woke up.

Weird stuff indeed, but it was rather fun, too.

There's supper to be eaten now though, then after that, probably more Metroid Prime: Corruption. Didn't get to play it at all last night what with all the stuff I was trying to do on Naomi's computer, but I still have one more night off, so I might as well make the best of it.

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