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"It Tastes like Stars Falling from the Sky!"

^ what a girl on Starforce Leo said after finding Shooting Star Cake for her. WTF. What does a star taste like? How do you get close enough to taste one without burning your face off? When did you have the opportunity, and equipment necessary to get close enough to a shooting star to see what it tasted like? Wouldn't that make for an absolutely terrible tasting cake? Wow. I never wanted to try a shooting star before, but now I have to. Must be really delicious, despite all the evidence against :s

... yeah. I just thought that was a pretty strange thing to say, even in a game. Work in ~50 minutes though, with at least Earl and Manoah, so I'm going back to my game for now. Would be playing Metroid Prime: Corruption, but I'm stuck on the planet that has a name beginning in "B" (Bryyo, possibly). The farthest I can get in both directions I've found is getting to a point where there are what look like grappling hooks suspended over a large canyon, and the game keeps telling me I need an upgrade in order to be able to use them. Feh...

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