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Work in 20 Minutes...

...and I'm so looking forward to it. Closers are Jerome, Manoah, and me. Last I knew Jerome was still pissed off about getting written up for not having his nametag on a while back, and after the two things Manoah pulled last night, I'm still pretty angry with him. Let's just say he's back to shoving things he doesn't want to do onto other people. Last night it was hot and cold line, and sweeping and mopping the back. God help him if he should do the same thing tonight. I already know I'm going to be on drive through, so let's hope everyone actually does what they're supposed to. Apparently Shelia closes tomorrow night too, which is going to be so fun, but surely not as bad as Earl was last night.

For the first third or so of the shift, he was complaining that we were dead, and how he was over 12 hours and such. Sent two people home (Mark and Josh. C), leaving Manoah, him, and me to close. And of course, from about midnight on there were more or less solid cars, and he started whining about how busy it was.

And yeah. Two new things. No more ridiculously huge list of games I own in my profile (and yet they're still easily update-able as is), and new userpic. Haven't actually used it yet, but the look of surprise on it's face will work for some entries <3

Oh, and one last thing on work. Have three 4 - most likely when the dining room's cleaned up shifts coming up. That's fine. Given that I emailed Michele earlier this morning to tell her I'd be ready to come back whenever she needed me (give or take one week), they'll help for getting used to going to bed around 5 or 6 in the morning as opposed to 8 or 9, but I also don't like how I have to go straight into those with not even one day in between to try to get some sleep. By that I mean that I'll be closing Tuesday night, and then be expected to be back there for 4 in the afternoon. Earl said I might be able to get someone else to take Wednesday's shift though, which might be an idea. For now though, I do have to leave. On to a fun night~

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