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This is a Familiar Feeling

Good God, what I'd give for an extended break from Taco Bell at this point. Things that affect me in one way or another are as follows:

1) Jerome was fired today. Don't know the details of why. I just know Josh was the closing manager, and when I asked why, Steve told me that Jerome no longer worked there. As such, they're looking for a manager to replace him. Right now, the most likely candidate is Jess. Fine. I don't particularly like working with her (Josh C. is about the only person I can actually tolerate at this point), but as long as her and Ange aren't on the same shift together, things shouldn't be extremely bad.

However, Manoah's pissed, because they didn't come to him and ask if he wanted to be a manager, but at the same time, doesn't want to be one because he's tired of being ignored whenever he brings it up. Pick a side, FFS. Either you want to be a manager or you don't. Josh made a comment about telling them that he knew I didn't want to be one, which is the truth, but it still got me angry. Where the hell does he get off putting words into my mouth? As true as his answer may have been, I'd appreciate being asked by the people who are looking to promote whoever, and telling them no in person. His reason for saying I didn't want to be a manager was that I apparently don't have "the tenacity to make sure people do what you tell them". More or less true, I'll admit, but that's still no reason for him to answer for me.

2) Yesterday (Saturday) night, Earl brought up how the front cabinet had come unplugged a little while back, and how the closers had left a note on the door saying that it was broken. Plugging it back in is a simple matter of moving one of the tables in the middle and fiddling with the plug a bit, but it's not something a whole lot of people know. However, Manoah seems to think that while telling everyone what happened, he referred to the people on that shift as idiots, for not knowing to plug it back in. I took the side at first that he may have been joking, but now I'm not so sure. Regardless though, it's something he shouldn't have said, and, in the words of Josh, could get him fired if one more person goes to the district manager / head office about it. I personally don't like working with Earl, if not entirely because he's another one of the people who only do what they want, and he really needs to watch what he says. He is the general manager, yes, but that means nothing when it comes to what he's doing.

3) Manoah again tonight. He would not get off my back about getting line taken down quickly, so he could go home. I was ready to say to him several times "I'm not doing things faster for your own benefit! You told Josh you wanted to be on drive through, so leave me alone!", but I thought he might be joking, and decided not to. Later on in the night (after everything was done), he told me he was serious. So yeah. Last time I checked you were wearing a purple shirt too, so quit telling me how to do my job. I know he would say the same thing to me if I were to tell him what to do.

I'm trying to keep this fairly level in terms of how angry I am, but let's just say it's alot worse than it seems. When I started there I wanted to quit. Same feeling's back again, but for completely different reasons. First it was the job itself, now it's the people that work there. The simplest solution would obviously be to just avoid working with those people, but that's a rather impossible thing to do. But both Manoah and Josh will be gone by February, Shawn will be back as the district manager, and apparently he's alot less forgiving and easy to get along with. How I wish there was someone I could talk to about these things instead of having to resort to posting them in here. Lord knows it'd do more good...

But ugh. Need something to take my mind off this stuff, so I'm going to watch something on the computer. Closing tomorrow night with Shelia, Josh, Steve, and Manoah (although he's only there 'till 1), so isn't that going to be fun...

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