Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 


Who could be working tonight? Not Manoah, obviously, because he has other plans (as far as I understand now, going to some movie with Markie). I know Josh is the closing manager, and I'm obviously going to be there as well, but who else? Josh C. is about the only person I can think of. I would say Jess, if she hadn't quit to take another job, but outside of that, Michelle, Ange, and Mark are the only others I can think of. They're all managers too, and I could be sure that when I looked at the schedule, there was only one :\

I'm tired as anything though, which is strange, because even though I didn't go to bed 'till ~8 in the morning, I slept 'till 4. Possibly something having to do with getting up early yesterday to go to Heart and Stroke. Not all bad, considering I haven't been there in a couple months. Just stuffed envelopes with donation receipts and a couple other things, then left at 4, went to Taco Bell to get some food, went home, ate, then slept for another couple hours. Fun.

And that thing I got at EB Games the other morning. Hmm :3 Very unnecessary, and also the main cause for me starting to keep track of how much I spend in a day again. It is lighter though, and I like how there's more color themes than just one for each month now. Haven't set a background on it yet for that very reason. And it's on M33's 3.60 too, although both NesterJ and RIN don't load, which was what I was mainly playing on my other PSP ;_; Feh. Apparently it's not difficult to make homebrew work with the 3.60 kernel (that's the main problem, as I understand it), so hopefully people will pick up on that and update their programs accordingly.

Meh. Time to get going...

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