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Well That's Nice

There's a message from Mom and Dad on the answering machine. Apparently they've been out at Erieau since 1 in the afternoon, and plan / planned on going sailing with some friend of theirs. Nasty day to go sailing, if you ask me, but then again, as far as I'm concerned, water's good up to the point of it being necessary to / for life. After that, no :x

But yeah. Adam's still out at work (or on his way home, possibly), and Naomi's still up in the TV room, where I assume she's been all day. Excellent. And while I'm talking about her, interesting thing I noticed when I got home last night. Someone had moved (one of) my tails. Now, I could just shrug it off as having happened from someone walking through there and accidentally knocking it off my chair, if it wasn't for that nobody except for me goes in there anymore. Adam probably went to bed shortly after I left for work, Mom was out picking Dad up, and when they got back, they took me straight to work, so the only person that leaves is Naomi. Sure, it could just be because she recently found out what they were (for), and "just had to try one on", but that falls under the whole "If it's not yours, keep your hands off of it" thing. God, do I have to start locking the other ones up in my closet too? Feh. We'll have to see if they've been touched when I get home this morning. "When" indeed.

Closers right now are Manoah, Michelle, and me. Yeah. Three people on a Saturday night. I love it. There is a chance of being able to call either Josh C. or Steve in (one but not both, obviously), but in the meantime, I'd like to know what justification Earl and / or Shelia possibly could've had for giving us so few people. Yes, everyone knows what they're doing (more or less in Michelle's case, when it comes to doing prep and stuff like that), but that's not going to help us if it gets busy, which it probably will.

But then I close tomorrow night too, and then have four (I think) days off after that. Amazing. I won't be surprised if they try to call me in one of those nights, but right now, I'd say "no".

I need to find something to eat though, then after that, more stuff on Picross DS. Have to finish Normal levels 6, 7, and 8 yet, and then I believe there's an extra one that gets unlocked after that. 25x20, no doubt, but there's still 45 puzzles that have to be done before that.