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So Much Done

Beat Metroid Prime Corruption yesterday. Managed to find all 100 pickups (the map markers you can get in Elysia really help), but the "secret" ending wasn't as great as I was expecting. Same thing with the three final bosses, but of course, that might be because it was on Normal mode. Dark Samus was probably the hardest of the three... :s Was about to go into the living room and start a game on Hyper Mode, but Adam's currently using the Wii to check his email, while he's still playing Two Worlds on his 360 in here. Sad, really.

And then I also finished up all the Normal puzzles on Picross DS, so the extra level is unlocked, but I've yet to start it. It'd seem that all the puzzles are Mario-themed though, so that ought to be fun.

As for the idea of working at Nucomm, I've warmed up a bit to it, but I still don't like the thought of going from 8 at night 'till sometime around 4 in the morning to 8 in the morning 'till sometime around 4 in the afternoon. I like the time I have at night right now to be alone and do whatever I want, without people bothering me, and as trivial as it may sound, I'd hate to just give that up. Although this week, I'm getting screwed over for doing that twice in a row, because I have to go to Heart and Stroke, and then be up at 12 to get a haircut the following day. Fun~

Also, rather interesting "game" here. Sort of limited in some of the choices, but this is the best I could do. Meh. I suppose it'll do well enough 'till I actually find someone to commission a drawing from :3 I really like X-Monkey's style, but of course, there's nothing on his page indicating he takes commissions, so feh. Found one more picture last night that I'm considering editing into a default userpic for here, because the one I'm still using now seems like it'd be more suited for entries I write when I'm angry or pissed off or whatever.

But enough of that. Might as well go upstairs and grab my DS and finish that last level off~