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What a Day

That looks much better. And it's a nice change seeing a ":3" face, as opposed to ">:|". Of course, now I'm going to constantly worry about someone posting that picture, but considering that I'm trying to take a "What I won't see won't hurt me" attitude towards things, hopefully that won't happen. Yeah.

But the title. Got to sleep around 3 in the morning. Woke up again at 7, stumbled upstairs to the bathroom, and spent (I'm not even kidding) a half hour in there. About halfway through that, Shelia just pushes the door open, but thankfully I closed it back up quickly. I appreciate that it's her house, but honestly, if the bathroom door is closed, knock first. Common sense. Anyways though, I'm going to assume it was something I ate, but it was not good. "Painful" would be one word to describe it. The feeling went away eventually though, so I went back downstairs, watched TV for a bit, then went back to sleep because I was starting to get tired again.

Mom called at quarter to 12, so I got everything packed up, and took off. Got back into Chatham around 3, and when we got home, all I could bear to do was to go dump the rest of my can of pop in the sink (it was too warm anyways), walk upstairs, plug everything back in so it could recharge, move my tail back into my closet, and go to bed. We were supposed to go grocery shopping at 4, but apparently Mom was really tired as well, so meh~

Woke up again at 6 (without setting my alarm clock or anything, strangely enough), got dressed, woke Mom up, and we took off again.

As of right now, I still feel sort of tired, but I don't want to go to bed yet. I figure if I do, I'll end up being tired this time at work tomorrow night as well. Feh. Adam's gone to bed though, so I might as well watch something on the computer.

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