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One "Michael Nemeth" has just transferred $85.00 to my Paypal account :s

Well actually, it's someone Naomi talks to online, as I understand it. She needs the money so badly, he had to send it to me, so I could transfer it to my bank account, and then give it to her afterwards. Indeed. She's still getting screwed out of six dollars and seven cents though, thanks to Paypal's fees.

It is a nice change getting a payment as opposed to always sending them though~

But now I'm going back to Tales of the Abyss. Finished up all the normal level puzzles on Picross DS last night as well, and submitted the file to GameFAQs, but apparently it doesn't quite meet their standards, so either someone else has to fix it, or I can pull the file and fix it myself, which doesn't make much sense because all I did was zip the folder up. Feh. Started into free mode as well, which is a bit different, but all that matters to me is that if I get stuck, I can quit the puzzle, restart it, and get hints for different rows, so I'll finish them all eventually. Yay :3