Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Why Must Dreams be so Cruel? ;_;

It seemed so real. Was sitting in the bathroom (of all places) and saw Dad pull up in a white car, which is odd, because we have a van. But he got out, and under his arm was a box, that I somehow knew was for me. Next thing I knew I was down here in the living room, looking it over, and somehow came to the conclusion that it was the tail I'd commissioned from chesh (apparently she's gone away for another week right now, then can finally start working on it after that). So, opened the box, and inside, as padding or whatever, there were what I could swear were boxes of straws from work :s Strange. But then pulled the tail out of the box, and noticed it was much softer than the other one I got from her. And then upon getting it out of the box, I noticed that it was like one of the ones I most recently got from SPark - the kitsune tails. Just darker, and quite a bit longer <3 But then I heard someone walking down the stairs, so I threw it back in the box, and put my shirt on top of that, then figured I really should go upstairs and get my belt to try it on. Then I was suddenly sitting in front of someone that used to volunteer at Heart and Stroke, talking about something or another, then woke up, really, really disappointed upon realizing it was a dream :s

There were also two more, both from yesterday afternoon (when I got back from Josh's house).

1) Shelia, me, and some other person were sitting around a fireplace. Somehow, the word "Yiddish" got brought into the conversation, which is odd, because I know people have asked me before what nationality our last name is, and I'm pretty sure it's Polish. So where my brain got the former from is beyond me, but yeah. So anyways, Shelia said to the other person "Watch him do this", and made me run my hand through the fire. It literally froze into this black charred mess of flames. Then she said "Pretty neat, huh?", and made me stick my hand in again. It "unfroze", but wherever I moved my hand from there on, it would freeze again, then unfreeze as soon as I moved it away. And interestingly enough, the sound it made was like a sped up version of the sound you hear in Metroid Prime Corruption when you shoot a spout of fuel gel with your ice missiles.

2) I was talking to someone on the phone. The phone was different though. The mouth and earpiece were in the same "end" of it, and the whole thing was shaped like a, how to say this, widened out end of a stethoscope. The bottom part got larger and larger towards the bottom, while the top part was smaller, but sort of went up in another cone the opposite way. Really hard to describe, so here is my (sad) attempt at a picture. And yes, it was green. The cover on the wider end (i.e. the bit that would have the holes in it) was white, but the rest was green. Now that we've established that...

The person I was talking to was asking me questions about when I went to Taco Bell - as in, the night I decided I was hungry enough that I wanted to go there after we picked Dad up from work. At first though I thought it was someone trying to call me in, which is, unfortunately, the first thing that comes to mind most of the time the phone rings these days. That also brings up something I'll explain outside of this cut. But yeah. All they asked me was whether I'd gone through the drive through or into the dining room, and I gave them an answer, to which they started snickering, so I just hung up. Well, tried to at least. Couldn't figure out how to hang it up, so I went to find Mom, because apparently she knew how to, but had to cover the end with my hand because it was so loud. I could feel it vibrating :s But I found Mom, told her it was really loud, then woke up.

Now, the thing about worrying about people trying to call me in: Josh C. quit, as I already said. I currently have Friday and Saturday off next week. I shouldn't have to explain any further than that. Oh, and on the topic of work, there's still a little string of fur from my giant tail hanging on the bathroom wall. I noticed it was stuck to my pants one night a while back, so I took it off, and tried to just rub it against the wall hoping it would fall on the floor, but given that my hands were still wet from washing dishes, it stuck, and nobody's seen fit to remove it yet, I guess. I suppose it's sort of fun, in a weird sort of way.

But now I'm going to play some more Tales of the Abyss. Read your comment to my most previous entry, munedust, and for right now, that's, well, good to know :3

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