Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 


I wonder if I can stay up 'till 10 in the morning then. Trials and Tribulations is supposed to be out today, but it's Sunday, and EB Games rarely ever gets games right on launch day, so...

Also thinking of looking for Star Ocean: Till the Ends of Time again, because there's a thread about it over on 420chan that got me really thinking about playing it again, but I haven't seen it since Chanelle and whoever that guy was with her were over a long time ago (see the entry a ways back titled "OMFG") :p

I notice Amazon's Canadian site has the guide as well, so provided EB Games has the game itself, I might ask Mom to order that for me, on the condition that I pay her back. I know I have that Visa card still hidden up in my room, but I'd rather not use that. And besides, a new copy is only $21 CAD, which isn't bad at all. Tales of the Abyss is still going rather well, considering I haven't played it in some time either. Up to just having to finish up some sidequests in Keterburg before going to Grand Chokmah (I think that's the name of the city), so yeah.

But anyways though, have to be at work for 5 this afternoon, which means I need to be in bed by 8 at latest, so for now, I'm going to try to finish up level 2 of free mode on Picross DS, then possibly go into the living room and finish up those other things~

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