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I was going to ask them if they had Star Ocean as well, but I'd rather that wait until Thursday or Friday, seeing as we'll have been paid by then. Couldn't go this morning though. Stayed up 'till 8 cleaning up my top bunk, so I might stay up again this morning and do the rest of my room.

Have a (hopefully) dead night ahead of us tonight, given that Ange is the closing manager, but I suppose if it is, all her time will be spent in the dining room or outside smoking. Manoah's the other closer as well, so I can almost guarantee I'll be on drive through, which is fine enough by me.

Last night was pretty good, except for a late supper rush that came right when I was trying to walk out the door to go on my break. Some guy in said rush just asked for a drink, so I hit the button, told him it was $1.93, and out comes his Visa card :s I obviously just let him have it, but it's sort of interesting. We generally don't give out free drinks (unless it's someone that used to work there or regular customer), but all they have to do to get them (barring just asking for a glass for water) is try to pay for them with more or less anything larger than a five dollar bill. Fun.

Oh, and people also came in last night, and asked for three glasses just for water, so I grabbed them, handed them to Teresa who went down to drive through to fill them up, and was given a really dirty look. From my point of view, they're more likely to get a free cup for pop if they just ask for one, instead of lying and saying they want water. It's just like... how desperate are you?

Enough pondering the intricacies of giving away cups though. Have to grab the rest of my Timbits from the fridge (which aren't the right kind, thanks to the [insert a nasty word here] lady at Tim Hortons assuming I wanted the plain apple kind. If you have two kinds of anything, you should ask for clarification. Seriously.

Time for more Tales of the Abyss though. Got up to just entering Sheridan yesterday night, but I haven't done anything in it yet.

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