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Well, That's Something

Bought Star Ocean after all. Mom had to grab some stuff at Real Canadian Superstore, so I went along, and was able to find it right at the back of the shelf. Strangely enough, there were two other copies in front of the one I got, but the boxes were different. Purple shaded with some sort of design, but I assume those are just the regular versions, as opposed to the director's cut.

Was also able to order the guide, but the delivery date right now is anywhere from October 24th to November 7th, so I won't be seeing it for a bit. At least long enough to fully complete Tales of the Abyss, and maybe start another game. Was looking through the guides I have up in my room last night, and I noticed the one for Rogue Galaxy is still there, more or less untouched, as is the game. Sad, really, so I might see if I can't get into that.

So now I have to go un-strikethrough that from my list of games, then see about finishing up this puzzle on Picross DS afterwards.