Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Sore Throat -> Runny Nose -> ...

Most likely nonstop coughing. There's a sort of scratchy feeling in my throat right now, that doesn't go away with drinking water or anything, so yeah. Looks like I might be calling in again. But on the good side of things, I'm getting tired to the point where I just don't care what I'm doing. Was playing Tales of the Abyss earlier on, reading everything the characters said aloud in different voices, and coming up with stupid comments and observations along the way.

The thing about Grand Chokmah, for example. It becomes a fortress in time of war. However, the matter-of-fact way Jade or whoever it was says it makes it seem like it's all that the city's known for. Who cares that one of the most laid-back kings in the entire world lives there? Or maybe the fact that it's probably the one place in the whole game on my first playthrough that had me frustrated to no end because I didn't know there was a "dock" ("pier" might be more appropriate) with Natalia on it, when, in order to advance, you had to speak to everyone in your party. Yeah. Amazingly irrelevant stuff. I remember when I felt like this before. Back when I was still working through Okami for the first time and had just made it up to the Catcall Tower.

That place was creepy though. Climbing up it was fun enough, but hearing this pitiful meowing even a good distance from the island, and finding nothing at the top except for a couple normal-sized cats, and a large one that *only* appeared when you completed the constellation was a bit weird. It's not as if the cats had or were able to operate a loudspeaker...

Feh. I really want to play that game again. But then again, I really want to play quite a few of my old games again, but only for one or two specific parts. Problem is making the effort to get to those parts, seeing as 10 or 20 minutes after I start playing, I'm nowhere near it, and turn the thing off.

I really should go to bed though, but before I do, two things.

1) Finally went out and found some music for Manoah's PSP. A ~700 MB torrent downloading in about half an hour is not at all bad if you ask me :3 He plans on picking it up tomorrow night. I told him to call around 8, so that way, even if I was feeling well enough to go to work, there'd still be enough time to get that taken care of, and if not, he can come get it.
2) Sent that "Lion of the Sun" (I'm pretty sure they actually go by "Lionel") money for my commission. Told her (is it just a coincidence that everyone I've dealt with so far has been a woman?) that I wanted something longer than shown in one of the pictures in the gallery, and she said a 5 foot one would go for $60, incrementing in $5 from there per foot. I decided to go for 6 feet, but it's interesting. By that pricing scheme, I could get another 12 foot tail for $105, USD. A third of what I paid SPark. I doubt that'd actually go over if I were to bring it up though. I never even imagined that anyone would make such a thing in the first place, but, well, I have evidence to prove myself wrong right up in my closet.

Anyways though, sent her the money, and also had to send her a screenshot of the transaction details page, for her "green book", which strikes me as sort of unusual, but meh. It's only a screenshot, so it's not as if she can do anything with it.

And wow. This is the torrent I downloaded for Manoah. It seems sort of strange that I recognize most of the songs.

One more thing before I head upstairs, actually. Took a look at EB Games' site earlier tonight to see if they had Trials and Tribulations available there, and saw something which made me go check the game's info at GameFAQs. Here I've been calling them once a day for the past three days, and it doesn't come out 'till October 23rd. Feh. I feel like an idiot now ._. I suppose that means I don't have to worry about calling them tomorrow afternoon though :p

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