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Called in Again

Woke up around 1, and decided to get things taken care of right then. It's interesting though. As much as I enjoy (*twitch*) working with Ange, she's alot more easy to deal with on the phone. When I called her, the conversation more or less went like this:

Her: "Chatham Taco Bell, this is Ange speaking..."
Me: "Hey Ange. It's [...]. I'm not going to be in tonight... I'm still sick.
Her: "Okay. Thanks."

She didn't sound angry or anything, but then again, calling them earlier in the afternoon gives them a much better opportunity to find someone to cover my shift, so whatever. Then I went back upstairs, to bed, and had another disturbing dream about being in college again, and someone finding... "unmentionable" files in my network drive, and yeah :s It ended with some song playing that I know I could remember when I woke up, but can't recall now, then Mom knocked on my door to ask if I wanted to go grocery shopping.

So I don't know what I'm going to do with myself tonight. Have both Metroid Prime Corruption and Tales of the Abyss down here right now, so I might pick up the first in a bit to see where I left off, but otherwise, feh... not much. I wish I was well enough to go to work just tonight, seeing as I have two days off starting tomorrow, and it'd also give me something to do. I believe Adam has the night off too, but he did buy Halo 3 yesterday, so hopefully he'll be playing that instead of being on the computer.

Manoah's also due over here in a bit as well. Phoned him a couple minutes ago, because he called while we were out getting groceries, and he said they have some running around to do anyways, so meh. Forgot to ask him what the one song he wanted on his PSP was, but I'm sure we can either find it when he's here, or I can find it later, and email him the link so he can put it on it himself.

Might as well get the Wii hooked up though~

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