Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Update from Chesh

"So yosterday was a bit crazy for me so today I had started on your tail. I mendede one length piece of snow leo fur to another sing the bolt of fur i have doesnt run 4ft in length. That was simple eneugh. When i went to grab the white out I noticed I had barly enough to make four ft backing. so today I went driving around to 4 different fabric supply stores. not a single one had white fur. @_@. I will be ordering some long pile fur her within the next few days and still have your tail to you before Oct 25th. I am gratefully sorry for the delay."

My reply:

"Ah, well, as long as I have a date to go by :3 Less than a month away, so I think I can wait a bit longer :p"

Her reply to that:

"I just bought some very nice white plush fur for about $27.00 a yard...which is typical for buying fur online. woo yay for finding the fur and boo for having to pay for it. After the holiday season I need to buy lorger bolts of common colored furs. The fur should be to me within a week. Just waiting for the money to clear from my bank accoust. Once it does the actual shippping of the fur shouldnt take lang. The supplier is in cali and I am in Utah. Thanks for your patience."

Wow. She goes from being all but comprehendable to quite easy to understand :p But yeah. October 25th. Sounds good to me. Right now I plan on wearing the first one I got from her around on Halloween (at least), because it's not all that great (to be perfectly honest). Either that one, or possibly the tail I got from obliviousally.


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