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Was only able to take three halfway decent pictures (in terms of the stupid look on my face - half the time I was frowning at the camera, while the other half I had my mouth open way too wide :p), but one was way too blurry. The remaining two, however, can be seen here:

Picture 1
Picture 2

Yeah :s It looks sort of weird being stared back at by myself, but meh. There you go~

Adam supposedly downloaded some more Guitar Hero II songs earlier today though, so I'm going to make this short so I can try those. Just one thing that happened at work tonight for now.

A lady came through about 12:30, and made quite a complicated order. I read it back to her, to make sure I had everything right, then she pulled up to the window, I took her cash, and handed her her change, then she gave me a $5 bill. In her words, it's "The first time I've come here that someone's actually gotten our order right. It's usually pretty complicated..." then she trailed off. Works for me ^^ And for what it's worth, her order was as follows:

1 GCRUNCHCOMBO                 5.69
    CO 7 UP
1 7 LAYER CRWP COM             5.49
    CO 7 UP
    UP SUP                      .99
1 Q-CHIK                       3.49
    NACHO   CHESE               .60
1 COMBO #4                     5.09
    UP SUP                      .99
    CO DR
10 HOT

Which translates to a gordita crunch combo with beans instead of meat on everything, with 7up to drink (no ice), nachos supreme instead of the fry supreme, then a 7-layer crunchwrap combo with 7up, no ice again, replacing the regular fries with chili cheese fries, then a chicken quesadilla by itself, followed by a side of nacho cheese (presumably to dip the quesadilla in), and ended with a combo 4, fries supreme instead of the regular fries, with Dr. Pepper to drink, and a whole bunch of hot and mild sauce.

Admittedly not the most confusing order we've ever had, but still...

And like we figured might happen, Ange called in. Heh. Michelle ended up closing though (so she worked open to close today :x), and like I've said before, she's pretty fun to close with, and tonight was no exception :p Let's just say we were... "testing" the new toys. Racing them across the dining room and such~ Also told her I won't be in 'till 9 on Wednesday, because I'm going to Heart and Stroke, and lord knows I'll be having a bit of a nap when I get home from there :\

Lastly though, closing with Teresa tomorrow night. Everyone else seems to not like her, so I suppose I'll be able to see what they're talking about tomorrow. From what I've seen, she's not that bad a worker, but it's when she's on a shift with Amanda that's the problem. But considering that the same thing's happened with Ange and Jess, then Jerome and Sarah before that, it's far from the first time such a thing has happened. Feh.

Now to try those new songs~

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