Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

If Only it Were That Easy...

So earlier this morning, I had moved several 100MB+ files to my desktop. After realizing that I had no need for them, I drug them all to the recycling bin, which just resulted in a "Deleting..." window that never showed any progress. Tried deleting them from the command prompt. Nothing either. Rebooted into XP, and was able to remove them just fine. Maybe the service pack that's supposed to be coming out next year or whenever will help, but it's rather pathetic when I can't even delete files because they're too large :\

I've been thinking about going back to XP 'till then, but everything's set up under Vista on my laptop here.

I could simply format the Vista partition, then combine it with the one XP's installed on so I have more space to work with, but that means that when the service pack comes out, I've got to go through the fuss of creating that third partition and resizing the others appropriately again.

Actually going to play StepMania for a bit now though, then see about putting more songs on my PSP for PSPRevolution. The ones on there now are getting very old.

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