Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Is that a Fact...

Apparently Adam and I now have appointments for 11:00 tomorrow morning to get our health cards renewed. Ugh. As if the pictures on the things didn't look bad enough in the first place, I (at least) am going to be half asleep (or enough so that I'll be going to bed again just as soon as I get back home), and yeah. Didn't get to sleep 'till about 7 this morning, then had to wake up at 12 to go to Heart and Stroke, so I'm back up in bed right now, and will probably try to go to sleep in a bit.

But anyways, main thing on my mind. Got to thinking last night about what sort of stuff I'm waiting for in the mail right now, and I've come up with the following list:

1) Styluses from Nintendo, for registering Brain Age 2, I think it was
2) Tail from chesh
3) Order from those other people (remember the hint - Zephyr)
4) Tail from Lionel
5) Footpaws from SPark.

Indeed <3 So then I was thinking about getting handpaws (or I suppose just paws, in that case) eventually, but my main problem with such a thing is being able to do anything with my fingers once I put them on. Then I started wondering about the possibility of getting something without anything on the end. Still shoulder-length, of course, but just cut it off where my hand begins. Then again, thinking about it that way, all I'd really be asking for is a tube of fur, but meh. Obviously going to wait 'till I get my footpaws first (and in the meantime, maybe try to decide exactly what I want :x), then see about that after. Her commissions page says that other stuff is indeed available, and that all you have to do is ask, so I don't see why not :3

So, closing with Michelle and Amanda tonight. Last night was terrible, because Teresa did not want to do a single thing she was told, among other things. Apparently she worked at Nucomm before she came to Taco Bell, so maybe you know who I'm talking about, munedust. We weren't terribly busy, but were still there 'till quarter to because of all the other cleaning that had to be done. Feh. All I'm concerned about is that after tonight, I have one more shift, and when I'm done there, I'm going to see about running over to Sobeys on the way home so I can pick up some stuff, then enjoy my days off.

And with that, I'm feeling tired enough to try to get some sleep. Before that though, I need to send an email to Lionel because I notice her current projects page hasn't been updated since last year, and I want to get a general idea of when I can expect my tail to be done.

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