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What the Hell?

Tried to check my friends page just now, and it was blank. Reloaded a couple times. Still blank. Checked my profile. Suddenly I have nobody listed as a friend, and the "Friend of" field hidden.

So assuming it wasn't Adam or Naomi messing with my laptop (and God help them if they did), then what?

The modem's acting up too. This'll be the second time I've seen a message saying "We have detected that you do not have DSL connectivity to your Home Networking Modem", even though the light is clearly lit up.

Okay. The wireless connection is working again. Time to go fill out an abuse report. I don't know WTF happened, but hopefully someone can tell me when exactly those changes were made.

My apologies to anyone else that might've been affected by that :\ I know I might be getting a bit full of myself there, but it can't hurt to say.