Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Never Let it be Said that I was a Morning Person

Got woken up at 11, went and got our pictures taken, then had to walk home, because Dad seemingly couldn't wait and just had to go to the library. Thanks. Thanks alot.

Asked Adam what time he went to bed last night though. He says 11:50. Interesting. I still suspect Naomi more then him, but if he's to be believed, she wasn't touching it either. Feh. Going back to sleep for now, but when I wake up, I plan on saying to her "Do you like having a connection to the internet? Stay out of my room, and keep your hands of my laptop, and it'll stay that way. Otherwise, you're losing it."

Heh. It's a pity most keyloggers would be detected as spyware by any scanners, or else I'd install one, and start it up only when I left for work.

Well, actually, no. On the off chance that she wasn't the one that made those changes, I'd be asking for trouble if I said that to her. Feh. I suppose I've changed my passwords for now though, and do plan on at least switching users whenever I have to leave the room or whatever, so for now, we'll just wait and see. I sent email to that guy she had send me that $80, asking if she'd said anything to him or anyone else in that IRC channel she's always in about messing with her brother's computer, and I suppose all I can do for now is wait for a reply, assuming his Paypal email is the same as his regular email address.

Back to sleep~ Don't know who's going grocery shopping later on this afternoon, but even if I am, I should still be able to get another 4 hours or so.

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