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Opening the Can of Worms Again

What a night. I got called in early (only by half an hour, but still...), so I went in at 9:30, and Josh wasted no time in having me start frying pizza shells. Four packages and about an hour and a half later, and they were done, and I started on cinnamon twists. Those weren't as bad, thankfully. After that, I went up and helped Kevin on line for a bit, then suggested that as long as he was alright on his own, I'd go to the back and work on the dishes. About 10 minutes after I started into those, Josh came back, and said that he wanted me to just wash, and he'd put everything away. Also at that time, he asked Manoah to do up a tray of sour cream, and that was the mistake. Didn't take long for Manoah to ask "so. how is... ... ... she?", referring to the "Crystal" lie I told them a while ago. Josh jumped on that like a hungry animal, and would not let it go.

As soon as the topic was brought up, I adopted a "I'm not saying / telling you anything" attitude, so whenever they asked me questions about "her" I'd tell them that they weren't getting anything from me. Josh started trying to put me on a guilt trip by saying "well, why won't you tell me? we've been friends for how long now". Didn't work though. It's really sad. You'd think that after I told them that I wasn't saying anything so many times, that they would've actually gotten suspicious that there was no "Crystal". Eventually Manoah told Kevin the name, and he promptly told it to Josh, so I'm just dreading going into work tomorrow. EVERYONE will know. Like several people have said in the past, the walls there have ears. Josh'll tell his Mom, she'll probably tell Earl, Amy, and possibly someone else, and who knows what will happen from there. Actually, I don't give her enough credit. She can be quite the gossip mill sometimes, but if you actually tell her you don't want her saying anything about such and such to anyone, she'll most likely honor your request.

Honestly, I'm this close from sending Josh an email right now to let him know what's going on. Knowing it though, that'd make things even worse. Like, I want to tell someone what's going on with me, but there's nobody I can tell that won't turn around and tell it to someone else.

That actually ties in quite well with something else Manoah was chiding me about earlier on in the night. He kept asking me whether "she" was black or white, then took a different approach, and asked if I had any friends that were black. I said "not really", and he started going on about me being racist :x In a joking manner, obviously. See, the only answer I could give was "no" because outside of Josh, I really don't have any friends that I see regularly. I wasn't about to tell Manoah that though.

Still, they dropped it after about an hour and a half (yeah, it took that long), so I can only hope nothing will be said about it tomorrow. Now that Kevin and Josh know though... well... I don't even want to think about it. Josh kept saying "you don't have to be embarassed about it", and "we'd actually be proud of you if you found a steady girlfriend before Joe (someone we went to highschool with) did" and such. I was just thinking to myself "oh, if only you knew. it's something i'd be embarassed to tell anyone. believe me.

On another topic, still involving work, Kevin brought his camcorder thing in tonight, for what specific reason, I don't know, but it turned out to be fun anyways. He started by going around the store, talking to everyone, pointing out the mold and such in various places, then went outside to watch Jerome and Manoah have a broom fight :D I hope he keeps that part and uploads it to YouTube, because it was hilarious XD Josh recorded a small video of it using his phone, and all you can see is Manoah and Jerome talking jabs at each other with their brooms, then Manoah brings his cigarette up to try to take a drag, and gets a broom in his face :D It's really one of those "you had to be there" type things, but if Kevin uploads a movie of it, you'll be able to see exactly what I'm talking about.

We also managed to get out of there before the order came. Woo :) All-around a good night, and it would've been perfect, if Manoah hadn't opened his big mouth. What can be done though?

I managed to get up to EB Games earlier as well, and got Tales of the Abyss, although there's nothing really notable in it right now. Partially because I was just about falling asleep while playing it. I was that tired. Eventually I went up into my room around 6:30, then read a bit, then laid down in bed at quarter to. Woke up again at 7:30, and felt a bit rested. The thing that really helped wake me up was work, simply because there I have to be active, and that keeps me awake. At home, I'm usually slouching in a chair somewhere, only moving my hands and eyes, and thus I tend to get tired.

Feh. I think I'll end this here, because I do want to go to bed earlier than normal tonight. That way I figure I'll sleep 'till 5 or so, or whenever if I wake up before that. I hate to put restrictions on my sleep, but it's the only way I have of actually making sure it doesn't completely get out of control. Thankfully, my work schedule seems to have settled into a nice pattern. I work from Wednesday to Saturday, all closes, have Sunday through Tuesday off, then I'm right back at it again. I like that. Three days off is just enough time for me to forget exactly what working there is like :p

This is done for now though.

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