Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

How Odd

Just got out of bed, wherein I had a dream that we were all in a hotel somewhere, looking for our rooms, because as opposed to telling you "You're in room 123", they just sort of hinted at what floor our rooms were on, then we had to walk around said floor (which was like a giant rectangle, with space for the stairs / elevators in the middle), find the door with our name on it, walk back to a bulletin board at the "beginning" of the floor, grab some sort of slip of paper, and stick it to your door, presumably so other people would know that room was occupied. After walking around the floor several times, I found Adam's room by accident, and he wasted no time in getting in there, so I continued on looking for mine. Found it, went to grab the slip of paper, and lost it again in the process of doing so, but after going around the entire floor a second time, found it again (strangely enough, it seemed farther down the hallway that time), stuck it to my door, and walked in.

Upon entering I could see a big circular sleeping area ahead of me and to my left, with the far wall made up of windows, and a ring of beds along the outer edge. Strangely enough, some of the beds had bars up along the sides, sort of like a crib, but I figured that might be for parents that needed to bring their little kids along. Over to my right, there was a fairly large hallway, all closed in and whatnot (but still large enough to walk through comfortably), which, down at the end of, I could see some guy dancing and singing into some sort of bottle. The first thought that crossed my mind at that point was "WTF are other people doing in my room? Don't tell me this is some kind of shared thing?", but I just sort of waved and said hello, then sat down on the closest bed, dug out my laptop, and found that I couldn't access the hotel's wireless internet for some reason. Despite that though, I was still able to log into GMail and check for anything new, which there was nothing of at first, but then Dad walked into the room, and I started getting messages in the spam "folder" talking about God and whatnot, so I told him it was like he was sending me emails or something. Glanced over to my right just then, and saw some lady standing at what looked like a sink, and woke up.

Oh, and isn't that just nice. Went on Amazon's site last night looking for anyone that might have a used Star Ocean guide, and was able to find someone that shipped from inside Ontario, and for which the total price was only $26 or something. Despite that Amazon apparently saves your credit card information, I decided it'd be best to wait to ask Mom if it was alright to order it. Just refreshed the page to see if it was still available, and what do I find? Yeah. The other two sellers are out of their minds ($44 and $64, and shipped from the states), which sucks.

I am thinking about getting one of these in the meantime though. Neat <3

Well, I suppose that's better, at least. Went looking on eBay for Star Ocean guides, and of course, the cheapest ones are from people who'll only ship inside the US :\ Found one that can actually be shipped outside though, and the description listed it as being in excellent condition, so I sent the seller an email asking them how much shipping to Canada would be, and also if using the buy it now thing would be alright even though I won't have the money right away. I'm going to get a copy of the guide one way or another. I'll say that much.

And I don't know if it's Thanksgiving or not today, but I can certainly smell turkey :s Of course, everyone else plans on going out to ride their bikes at Rondeau tomorrow. Fun way to spend a holiday :x But considering that, I'll leave the obligatory "What I'm thankful for" entry 'till tomorrow~

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