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I am "scine" (as I'm sure I've said at least once before). Max. bid's only set at $10 right now, but sent Rensis a message asking if there was any possibility of having a "Buy it Now" price, because I want that tail, so depending on what he says, I may or may not have to end up worrying about not having to work next Friday. If not awesome, but if so, maybe, just maybe I can figure out some way to get Adam or Naomi to continue the bidding for me. I must admit, it does look a bit stringy down at the tip, but meh. I originally didn't want to get that tail from obliviousally, because it was too "plain", but it's rather obvious how that turned out. The auction end date is still more than a week away though, so there's plenty of time to go.

Finished making that order on ConsoleShop's site, so right now, I'm just waiting 'till 8 in the morning, because I'm assuming that's when Adam has to be to work, so Dad will be up anyways.

And I think the next thing I'm going to be saving up for is either this, or a commission of my fursona (that sounds sort of awkward, but feh). It's been off and on my mind for a while now, and after checking the appropriate category on Furbid, there are plenty of artists to choose from :p

Still got at least 4 hours ahead of me though, so I'm going to play some Guitar Hero II for a change.

... and he won't go for it. Darn ;_; Not necessarily the end of the line (so to speak) though...

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