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I swear. There are a full 9 days left on that auction, correct? I also changed my max. bid from $10 to $20 earlier, just to be a bit safer, and immediately received an email telling me I'd been outbid :s Despite that, I keep checking back every half hour or so just to make sure things as they were before. Although this time "Sawyer the Snowboarding Snowleopard" is quite something. Feh. I can see wearing a shirt with a snow leopard fur pattern, but I really don't like things that are just a picture in the center of a shirt. Really don't work.

In the process of registering Phantom Hourglass at Nintendo's site right now though... for some reason though, it keeps telling me my session's expired, even if I've just logged in and logged out. There we go. Worked absolutely fine on the *other* computer.

Absolutely nothing from chesh today either, which I kind of had my hopes up for, but meh. For all I know she could just be at work.

Oh, and also, going back to the Nintendo topic, there's a little box sitting on top of the computer right now. At first glance, I thought "That couldn't possibly have a tail in it... could it?, then looked at it more closely, and noticed the "Nintendo of America, Inc" in the top left corner.

And now I've received an email titled "You are eligible to receive a Feather Stylus!" Might as well get that taken care of :3