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Quite apparently the new word to describe fur. Taking Rensis's auction title ("Big Floofy Snowleopard Tail"), and the following email from chesh as evidence:

It will be sent out noday. I just need to add a belt loop for attachment. I know you wanted 4ft...its 3 inches short of that i hope you dont mind. Its big, its floofy, its super soft. It also has a lil curve to it to make it more realistic ^_^. I think it looks 10 times better than the tail you saw on furbid i made. This new white fur is so much softer and looks way more realistig and floofs better.

And speaking of Rensis's auction, over 100 views, and nobody else has bid on it yet, so I feel a bit safer. Unfortunately, as things stand right now I am going to have to work next Friday though, but there's still a chance of asking Shelia to give me that night off. I really, really hope so.

Apparently I need to reboot to install some updates though. Meh.