Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Nice Day

Made all the better by knowing I don't have to work. Can't say I really have any plans, but Teresa is getting to be a bit much. At least last night she realized she was done at 2, and didn't put up a fuss about having to be on drive through because of it. And then Josh asked Amanda to come in just to close the dining room, so she did, but didn't even start it 'till quarter after 11 or so. The reason? Teresa wanted her to help with the dishes. Ugh. It's like, not that they don't do the work required of them. They do, but they take their sweet time (and then some) first. And that's why I'm glad for the night(s) off.

Found what I believe Steve was saying the other night is a GST check on the counter for me, to the amount of $83 something, which'll do nicely to replace some of the money I spent yesterday morning. Still haven't made too much progress in Phantom Hourglass though. Up to an area right now where there's a mouse (rat?) running back and forth between two holes in the wall, holding a key. There's a single block in said area, that I'd assume you're supposed to use to block off one of the holes, but so far, I haven't been able to get that to work :x

Oh, and still no bids. Hmm :3

Also though,

Can't really remember how it started, but I was in Taco Bell, waiting to get my food. All the people working were different though. They were... how to say... "older". All had gray hair, and such, if it makes it any easier. Glanced down in drive through, and saw one of the two people working down there bend down in front of the pop machine to grab something, get back up, and start all the pop running in the process. Then next thing I knew, I was actually on line, possibly to make my own food because the other people were taking so long, but it was strange, because the whole entire inside area was different shades of blue. Noticed Earl standing over by the safe though, so I started walking towards him to say "Hi", and on the way, noticed Larry steaming, which was odd because before that, it was all people I'd never seen before, but then thought better of that, because he might ask me to come in.

Went to the back, where I noticed there were a whole bunch of chocolate bars (sort of like a convenience store), and I was about to take some, but then reasoned that they might expect us to pay for them, and thought better of it. Started walking back up front, and made to jump over the counter, but then everything outside and inside starting turning off, item by item (so for example, traffic lights, street lights, the lights inside the store, etc.) until everything was pitch dark, then they turned back on again. Josh walked up behind me just then, asked "What the hell was that?", and I was just about to answer, when Shelia walked up behind him, said "Okay", and I took it to mean that I had to head out to the dining room because I wasn't working..

But with that, time to see if I can't figure out what to do on Phantom Hourglass. Perhaps you can cut the box in half, but that's a long shot...

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