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It's never good when we get told "We have something to tell you", and it comes from Mom and Dad. Effective immediately, Adam and I now have to give them $150 every month for bills and such. But that's fine. If I cut back on my spending so much at 7-11 and wherever else, there won't be a big problem.

My main fuss is that Naomi has been and continues to get away with not having to chip in a certain amount every month or anything. She literally sits in the TV room watching whatever, chatting on her laptop at the same, then heads into her room at anywhere from midnight to 4 or 5 in the morning, (presumably) chats for a while longer, goes to sleep, and repeats the process again. Sad life. She supposedly (stressing that word) gives Dad an unspecified amount a month for the internet, which is nice, but also brings up two questions. Where's she getting it from, and, if she can pay some, why not the rest?

Get her a job at Taco Bell if we must. I could really care less at this point. I'm sick and tired of her freeloading. I mean, think about it. By the two of us giving them $150 every month, they're getting a total of $300. If Naomi went out and got a job, all three of us could give them $100, and go back to the way things were before. Money is supposedly tight as is, but it must not be that bad if they're willing to be so lax with her.

So this month, they're getting that 150, plus 15 for the internet, seeing as I told Mom to keep the money I'd originally given her for ordering that Star Ocean guide from Amazon.ca, and use it for gas.

I think $400 a month sounds like a good goal to start at. Taking into consideration the money given to Mom and Dad, and buying at least one game a month it'll leave me with $95 left over. Keeping track of how much I spend right now isn't all bad, but it's not really helping that I don't "use" it for anything.

But on the fun side of things, there's an amusing article over on Wincustomize's forums dealing with a torrent of Windowblinds 6 being found, and everyone there wanting it removed. I read something a while back that said "Trying to remove things from the internet is like trying to remove piss from a pool...", and I believe it sums this up quite nicely. It does work though. I'll say that much :3

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